Services Custom made

Sommeliers pay close attention to customers

If the BORDEAUXTHEQUE is a paradise for connoisseurs, it is also ideal for the newcomer to wine with a team of sommeliers who can help customers with their choices. They speak French, English and Chinese and were trained in Bordeaux where they visited the great châteaux: the BORDEAUXTHEQUE sales people are real specialists: building up a wine cellar, personal consumption or offering a bottle as a present, wine-pairing.  Whatever the request,  every customer will receive personalized advice.

The French art of gift wrapping

A gift bottle is much more precious when it is presented in a refined packaging. La BORDEAUXTHEQUE is equipped with a gift bar, where you can find all sorts of packages and wrapping:  folding cartons, wooden boxes, and also ribbons, papers, bags, etc. for an elegant result reflecting the French "art de vivre".  For  customers travelling by plane, a special packaging will protect bottles in the hold during the flight.

A quick and safe delivery

If the client wishes, the BORDEAUXTHEQUE can have the bottles delivered by a company specialized in wine transport in France and Europe (BORDEAUXTHEQUE Paris), or in China (BORDEAUXTHEQUE Beijing). Home delivery will be made within the agreed period. If a gift, the recipient will receive it at his home, with a special message from the sender.

Prestigious wine tastings  

A bottle of wine is always better when it is shared, because it is a vector of togetherness. This is why the BORDEAUXTHEQUE organizes regular free tastings for its customers, presenting two or three excellent cuvées from its range, at special prices.